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Pass Storage System by Molteni & C



Designed by  Luca Meda
Dimensions: Available in a variety of sizes and configurations
Materials: Wood, lacquered wood, colored etched glass, marble
Made in Italy

Pass is a versatile system for the living-room. Storage units, modular shelves, tops and chests of drawers to create traditional modules. Or new compositions, instead, forming an interplay of masses and voids. To partition space without splitting it up. The finishes, too, match  different tastes and needs. Wood, mat and glossy lacquer for shelves and back panels. Chests of drawers with polished wooden or glass  front elements, and tops of marble. Thanks to its equipped base units, Pass can house all the components of HI-FI audio systems: CD and  DVD readers, amplifiers, iPod. Columns, stationary and adjustable TV set-bearing panels, storage units equipped with a special front  permeable to the infrared beams of the remote control. No wiring is left exposed. Pass storage units can be placed on the floor, used as  wall units or placed one on top of the other. To create countless and easy combinations. Pass includes desks and tops thanks to which it  can serve as a practical home office. Pass includes many functions also in the bedroom area. Comfortable benches where to lay down  things and place the TV set. Storage units and chests of drawers in different finishes. Plenty of room and a rational design to meet any  need.

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