Brand Spotlight: Moroso

July 28, 2015

Never get stuck in black and white again!

Moroso has created a unique style of interior design through their perfect combination of elegance, comfort and color. The Moroso brand is a family run company that specializes in luxury sofas and seating. Agostino Moroso founded this Italian company in 1952. Since that time, the Moroso brand has evolved beyond its Italian borders using their unlimited imagination to transform a simple piece of furniture into a work of art. The second generation of Moroso’s family is running the business now, with the help of extraordinarily talented designers like Patricia Urquiola, Nipa Doshi, Marcel Wanders, and many others. Their ability to combine color, design, and functionality is inspiring and a stroke of genius. 

Banquet Lounge Chair by Moroso

At the end of the day, don’t you want to relax in a warmhearted living room, lounging on your soft sofa? Patricia Urquiola created this “gentry” sofa in collaboration with Febrik, a company in The Netherlands specializing in producing quilted fabrics for mattresses. The upholstery “Big Braid” was developed with Febrik specifically for use on Moroso’s “Gentry” series of upholstered sofas and chairs. Not only is this sofa made with Febrik’s unique upholstery but it’s also knitted! Moroso attaches particular importance a welcoming living room given that Moroso is an Italian, family owned, brand. This space is tied together with the “Gentry” sofa, the armchair, the fishbone tables and the “Golran” rug.

Gentry Sofa by Moroso
Gentry Sofa by Moroso

The lines and the colors of this living room are similar to those in paintings from the Dutch artist Mondrian’s. The red sofa “Lowland” creates a dynamic contrast in movement as the vertical lines of the sofa are balanced with the rounded shape of the poufs.

Lowland Sofa by Moroso


Mondrian painting

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