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posted by Cody Fithian on July 03, 2013

Howdy Folks!

Happy 4th of July! It's the perfect time of year to spend some gorgeous summer days outdoors exploring the city. Austin is such a culturally-rich, vibrant and diverse place, with so many neighborhoods and communities as varied as they come. Within our urban core, the neighborhoods are as unlike each other as the West Coast is to the East Coast. And with this diversity, each neighborhood inherently has its own personality and role in telling Austin's story.

I picked 5 pieces that evoke the unique personality of our city and its neighborhoods. But of course the possibilities are endless, so this was pretty tough.

1. Downtown / Bloomy Lounge Chair by Moroso - When you think "downtown", you think hip, modern, and places like the W. Nothing is more hip or modern than Moroso's Bloomy Lounge Chair.

2. East Austin / XRaydio Table by Diesel - Diesel always has its finger on the pulse of fashion and cool, which is why their XRaydio collection personifies East Austin: music and all things trendy.

3. South Austin / Trex Stool by Miniforms - South Austin always reminds me of the natural roots and green initiative of this city, and so does the Trex, with its honest use of materials.

4. West Austin / Redondo Sofa by Moroso - Embodying the spirit of Old West Austin, the Redondo Sofa takes the classic casual sofa and brings it back to life with a modern twist...perfect for freshening up some of our oldest roots.

5.  North Austin / Brooklyn Toile by Flavor Paper - With neighborhoods such as Hyde Park, Flavor Paper imbues the modern take on a classic pattern, Old English Toile. This wallpaper will bring any midcentury bungalow into the modern era.