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Get This Look: Lute Suites, Amsterdam

posted by Cody Fithian on July 10, 2013

When I'm in need of inspiration, I always find myself turning to the Netherlands for great design ideas. Which is how I stumbled upon Lute Suites - modern design located in traditional Dutch surroundings, this is the first hotel project of its kind in the world based out of Amsterdam. Instead of housing guests under one roof in a fixed facility, Lute Suites is spread out over the entire city. Designed by Marcel Wanders and Peter Lute, this project is a perfect blend of modern and traditional. Each suite has its own front door, kitchenette, wine rack, flat screen LCD TV, and bath with tub and standing shower...and out-of-this-world interior design.

The use of Moooi, one of the most cutting edge and modern design companies today, in contrast with the traditional Dutch architecture is totally inspiring. Here's a look at some of the pieces used. Feeling inspired yet??

1. Light Shade Shade by Moooi

2. Bottoni Slim Lounge Chair by Moooi

3. Carbon Chair by Moooi

4. Random Suspension Lamp by Moooi

5. VIP Dining Chair by Moooi