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Modernism 101: Transition to Modern - Lounge Chair Edition

posted by Shannon Stott-Sosa on July 12, 2013

Changing the style of your home furnishings can be thrilling and often times it can be overwhelming. Just like a visit to Austin’s spring fed pool, Deep Eddy, sometimes it's easier to slowly enter (thank goodness for the 3" shallow end) and other times it's just easier to hold your nose and cannonball in to the deep end.

By choosing styles with lines that are reminiscent of more traditional pieces or using materials such as wood, you can help ease the transition into the modern world. Taking a little more of a risk can be achieved with bolder fabric choices, larger scale or softer lines.

Whether it has taken some time to ease into the deep end or you’ve just decided to take the plunge, the more cutting-edge designs will be sure to "wow" guest for years to come. Your kids will inherit the most killer pieces and hopefully not sell them on Craigslist for beer money.

Here are my choices for those of you making the transition, from the toe dippers to the cannonballers and everything in between. Which are you? What are some of your transition stories? Tell us your tales in the comment section below.

Top to bottom, left to right: Bergere Chair by Autoban, Pasha Chair by Pedrali (cushion optional), Low Lounge Chair by Matthew Hilton, JFK Lounge Chair by Purcell Living, Doda Chair by Molteni & C, Crystal Lounge Chair by Tacchini, Bloomy Chair by Moroso, Nest Chair by Autoban, Binta Lounge Chair by Moroso, Fjord Lounge Chair by Moroso, and Paper Planes by Moroso