Screenspiration: A Clockwork Orange

July 18, 2013

I'm incredibly inspired by set design from television and film. The ability to take the written script and make it visually come to life, always providing the perfect setting for the characters, is an amazing talent. So we've decided to dedicate a portion of our blog to those that bring so much life to the silver and small screens. And today I'm feeling inspired from one of my all-time favorite films: A Clockwork Orange.

Just look at those pink, red and blue tones with the pops of sculptural white (not to mention mom's red boots and hot pink jumper). While the film was released in 1971, the film was set in future Britain. To achieve this, Stanley Kubrick, along with set designer John Barry, created a visual feast of pop-art madness to help tell the tale of young Alex and his proclivity for 'ultra-violence'. 

Though the story is graphic and unsettling at times, the sets are amazing and still inspiring today in the use of color, shape and pattern. I used Alex's living room as my inspiration, and here's how I was inspired to create this look for 2013:

1. Skap Stereo Sideboard by Miniforms - While Alex's parents had a cool 60's organ in their living room, this sideboard will store your goods as well as play your tunes right from your smartphone...and still bring that cool mid-century feel.

2. Farmer's Market Wallpaper by Flavor Paper - A shout-out to the hot pink striped wallpaper in the room, this pattern also incorporates graphic elements of traditional English design in a charming way that always makes it feel like time for high tea.

3. Sirio Coffee Table by Miniforms - While this one is round with a white and glass combination like the inspiration, it oozes a more modern, cutting-edge feeling.

4. Vica Chair by Moooi - Certainly inspired by that quintessential 50's breakfast room chair, this modern take has a sled base covered in patterned woven polyester that makes it truly original.

5. Cycloid Wallpaper by Flavor Paper - In contrast with the charming striped pink wallpaper, this pattern delivers a 'POW' of graphic, intense blue that steals the scene.

What do you think of my interpretation? And what films inspire your decor?

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