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Now Trending: Quilted Sofas

posted by Shannon Stott-Sosa on July 23, 2013

Instead of throwing your Grandmother's hard work over the sofa to get some quilt action, why not just quilt the sofa?! Some of our favorite lines, Moroso, Molteni & C, Moooi and Matthew Hilton, have nailed it (sewn it) by adding quilting to give graphic texture to classic lines.

Check out my personal picks and get inspired by one of the most innovative trends in furniture design today! 

1. Oz Sofa by Molteni & C

2. Redondo Sofa by Moroso

3. Gentry Sofa by Moroso

4. Bart Sofa by Moooi

5. Brando Three Seater Sofa by Matthew Hilton

What do you think? To quilt or not to quilt....