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Design Face-Off: Lima Sofa by Tacchini

posted by Emily Hoelscher on August 08, 2013

We love furniture that is full of personality, yet still works in a variety of modern designs. A great example of this is the Lima Sofa by Tacchini. From the sleek lines and gentle curves, you can immediately sense the vintage mid-century inspiration. But this piece is definitely of today and a new take on a classic.

Take a look below at 2 different looks I created using this awesome sofa in a textural neutral grey as the starting point. One feels light and airy, with lacy details and a soothing, modern palette. The other is bold and a bit funky, with eye-popping contrast and shocks of deep color.

Which do you prefer? Better yet, what pieces would you put with this sofa to create your own original look?


Klara Lounge Chair by Moroso

Abisko Ice Cut Defrost Rug by By Henzel

Fergana Side Tables by Moroso

Pumpkin Side Table by Autoban



Bohemian Lounge Chair by Moroso

Rombos Rug by Yerra

Cage Coffee Table by Tacchini

Common Comrades Side Table by Moooi