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Get This Look: The Witt Hotel, Istanbul

posted by Emily Hoelscher on August 16, 2013

Hotels are so inspiring. They show us how we can create spaces that are comfy and homey, yet still packed with drama. Today we're checking out the The Witt Hotel in Istanbul, designed by the genius minds that come together to create magic in the design firm Autoban.

Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Cağlar are the duo behind the brilliance of Autoban, and their signature warm, modernist style is evident in every inch of the hotel. From the laser-cut floral motif emblazoned on the wood panels to the beveled mirror-tile wall, modern texture and pattern create the perfect backdrop to complement the furniture and lighting designed by the firm. You too can get this amazing look at home with the exact same pieces featured below.

1. Deer Barstool by Autoban

2. Booklamp Table Lamp by Autoban

3. Box Sofa by Autoban

4. Sleepy Rocking Chair by Autoban

5. Suite Bed by Autoban

6. Magnolia Suspension Lamp by Autoban

How does this space inspire you?