A wave of antique Turkish rugs in unexpected colors has landed on our shores, and interior designers are using them in spaces from traditional to contemporary. The rugs are well-worn antiques that have been redyed in eye-catching bold hues, elegant grays and even black, to freshen up the look and mix old and new. "Overdyed rugs are one of my favorite ways to add a pop of color to a room," says interior designer Melanie Coddington. "They are a fresh, modern take on the antique rug."

"These rugs are true antiques from Turkey, and they have naturally worn over time," explains interior designer Emily Basham-Hoelscher of Urbanspace Interiors. "They sometimes further distress them using tools to make them more interesting, then they use natural vegetable dyes to get the deep pigment." Each rug is a unique work of art. Take a look at how designers are finding just the right overdyed antique rugs for a wide variety of rooms and styles.

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