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Our in-house design team wants to help you create a home that screams with your personality. It could be a space you don't quite know how to put the finishing touch on, or you've just built a house and don't know where to start; we're here to listen, guide, motivate and inspire. We're about creating visual moments and sophisticated and efficient homes. You deserve a place you enjoy spending time in.

We don't just source from our furniture collection (though we do believe we have the best modern home furniture); we search until we have the perfect piece to complete your look. You get access to the gorgeous lines we carry, our expertise, our keen eye for design and our fearlessness when it comes to trying to new things. We feel you should never walk into a neighbor's house and find a home that even looks remotely close to yours. We've had the pleasure of designing large houses for big families, urban condos for empty nesters, youthful spaces and more—we accept whatever modern living design challenge you've got and will create a solution completely unique to you. 


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