Their nomadic story began in 1898 in Mashad, Persia, with the trading and manufacture of carpets, emulating to some extent the destiny of the objects they produce: headquarters in Milan since 1968, production in Nepal from early 2000, art direction in Paris as of 2010, global marketing right from the outset. The business Eliahu, Elia, Nathan and Benjamin inherited from their great grandfather Hajizadeh Golran, then handed down by their fathers, Nemat and Ruben, along with the teachings of the great master knotters in Persia, Turkey and India form the precious cultural background, now accessible to the design world and tailored to the technological evolution.
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  1. Triangles Rug by Golran
    From $2,480.00
  2. Lake Rug by Golran
    From $8,550.00
  3. Meteo Rug by Golran
    From $8,560.00
  4. Paralleli Rug by Golran
    From $11,160.00
  5. Hunua Rug by Golran
    From $6,750.00
  6. Garden of Eden Rug by Golran
    From $5,170.00
  7. Shadow Rugs by Golran
    From $6,260.00
  8. Curiosities Avanos Rugs by Golran
  9. Traditional Modern Design Rugs by Golran
  10. Curiosities Decolorized Mohair Rugs by Golran
  11. Memories Rugs by Golran
  12. Carpet Reloaded Decolorized Rugs by Golran
  13. Curiosities Textile Mohair Rugs by Golran
  14. Triangles Rugs by Golran
  15. Carpet Reloaded Patchwork Restyled Rugs by Golran
  16. Traditional Classic Rugs by Golran
  17. Carpet Reloaded Patchwork Rugs by Golran
  18. Curiosities Vegetable Textile Rugs by Golran
  19. Lake Rugs by Golran
  20. Quick Ship Garden Of Eden Rug by Golran
    From $6,900.00
  21. Quick Ship Shadows Agata Rug by Golran
  22. Quick Ship Firuzabad Agata Rug by Golran
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