Diatom Lounge Chair by Moroso

Designed by Ross Lovegrove
Dimensions: 28 1/4"W x 24 3/4"D x 30 1/4"H (17"Seat height)
Materials: Painted or anodized aluminum
Made in Italy

Ross Lovegrove has described how much during his boyhood he loved looking at the fossils that came into view in the rocks along the shore near his home when the tide went out. Ever since, those observations of that ancestral and mysterious beauty present in forms of nature have continued to illumine and inspire his thinking and the design projects he produces. Diatom, a stackable aluminum chair, takes its shape from the frustum of a diatom, this primordial single-cell organism with silica skeleton found in bodies of water the world over. Refined ornamental geometry in three-dimensions, a marvel of structure devised from exploring the rules of mathematics that dictate the vegetative development of living organisms. Production adopts a technology developed in the automotive sector to reduce both the weight and the production cost of the seats; die-cast aluminum sheeting ensures the lightest weight and eliminates the need for steel while ensuring equivalent levels of performance.


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