Natural Butterfly Rug by Nanimarquina

Designed by Nani Marquina
     5' 6"W x 7' 10"L
     6' 7"W x 9' 10"L
Materials: Fiber, 100% Silk, Hand Knotted
Designed in Spain

There is evidence to suggest that the first silk fabrics were produced around 3000 B.C. in ancient China. Coming from silkworms, silk is extraordinarily resistant and it is considered to be the longest filament produced by nature.
Its structure reflects light at different angles, giving it a natural glow that, together with its soft and smooth texture, makes the carpets unique for their brightness and vivid colour.

The intrinsic beauty of the natural fibres connects us with the natural world. These fibres, of organic origins such as nettle and jute, or of animal origin such as silk and wool, have been specially selected to create this collection of carpets and to reflect the plurality that nature has to offer. These fibres are twisted together to become a continuous thread, a highly laborious manual process that enriches the fabric, providing a soft and unique texture to each carpet. Each thread, each knot, transports us to the universe of the rug's beginnings. To go a step further into the fight against environmental degradation, nanimarquina has introduced Eco-wash in the cleansing of our collections: the natural washing product Ecosheen is a biodegradable and free of chemicals multienzyme washing product, while powers the bright colors, shine and softness of each fabric.

Maintenance and cleaning: Vacuuming is recommended.  It is recommend that you follow the detailed maintenance and cleaning instructions on the label on the back and in the leaflet enclosed with the rug.  In the event of dirt in general, wash by hand in a solution of warm water and detergent

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This product usually ships within 2-3 weeks.