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Nature Bed by Molteni & C



Designed by Ferruccio Laviani
Materials: A variety of fabrics and leathers are available
Made in Italy

The plywood bedhead is made of poplar, sourced exclusively from the Po valley and Certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The natural, non-toxic glue is made from soybean albumin; unlike more commonly used glues, it does not release formaldehyde into the air. The bedhead is coated in eucalyptus or light or dark elm veneer and in a natural “fineline” finish. Emission-free, water-based varnishes make it easy to clean
and maintain. The bedhead is light and extremely versatile. Horizontal slits not only allow the air to circulate freely but are designed to accommodate the comfortable upholstered cushions, which can be arranged at will. Traditional, environmentally friendly fibers, like cotton, blended with innovative materials such as fully bio-compatible corn and sugar cane fibers, are used to fill the cushions and padded surrounds. Special extraction and production processes, plus the complete biodegradability of the filling, ensure a completely “green” product cycle, opening up new possibilities for the eco-sustainable reuse of the filling.


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