Rorschach Wallpaper by Flavor Paper

Designed by Flavor Paper for The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

27"W x 15'L per roll
Match - Straight Across
Pattern Repeat 27 inches

Made in the USA

Warhol’s 1984 ink blot paintings were inspired by the 1920’s Swiss psychological tests used to examine personality characteristics. While each of the 38 massive half paintings (one side was folded over the other to create the second half of the print) have a lot of unique individual characteristics, we felt it best to create a traditional styled damask pattern that showcases the designs in a wreath of themselves. Analyze that.

Golden Peach on Linen Clay Coated Paper - Light tan matte clay-coated face with traditional paper backing.
Licorice on Mica Clay Coated Paper - Warm white with luster.  A clay-coated face with traditional paper backing.
Squid Ink on Black Mylar - High gloss bright black polyester face with non-woven backing.
Storm on Gold Pony Skin Foil - Bright metallic foil with brushed embossment and a non-woven backing.  Gives great depth, texture, and reflectivity.

Product Specifications
Installation Guide

3 roll minimum order