Volant Sofa by Moroso

Designed by Patricia Urquiola
    Medium sofa: 88 1/2"L x 40 1/2"D x 30 1/4"H; seat is 22 1/2"D x 13 1/2"H 
    Large sofa: 100 1/2"L x 40 1/2"D x 30 1/4"H; seat is 22 1/2"D x 13 1/2"H 
Materials: A variety of fabrics and leathers are available
Made in Italy

In designing the Volant collection, Patricia Urquiola furthered her research into the "skin of objects". Its upholstery is in fact Volant's defining element. “It has something of a Balenciaga gown or a Shogun's robe. Using the body as a basis for transformation. Hiding the legs. Lined for greater comfort, greater beauty. An elegant evening dress”. The seat may also be "dressed" in a simpler and less formal short outfit which allows glimpses of the legs and hints at the body's shape while maintaining its own identity. The third "dress" is close-fitting. It is simply the seat's casing, which reveals the frame and highlights its shape. The composition is simple and self-sufficient. The base frame seems orthogonal but it is really a trapezium so as to follow the lines of the backrest and seat. This leads to a sharp contrast of regular and irregular shapes even in the perception of the seat elements which may seem flat but in actual fact have curved sections for optimum comfort. 

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