Quick Ship Cage Coffee Table by Tacchini

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Designed by Gordon Guillaumier


Cod. 1CAGT100              Cod. 1CAGQ100

Ø 100 H 32 cm                W 100 D 100 H 32 cm

Cod. 1CAGT50                  Cod. 1CAGQ50

Ø 50 H 47 cm                   W 50 D 50 H 47 cm


Top: 20 mm thick. Anti-stain marble treatment available on request.

Made in Italy

Minimalism and elegance are the key features of Cage coffee tables, with their metal base that is both support and frame for the precious marble top. Cage tables can be round or square, high or low, and they accompany and complement all the sofas and armchairs in the Tacchini collections.

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Brand Tacchini
Shipping Information 2-3 weeks
Mageplaza Barcode 5275903981
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