Set Descending Direction
  1. Chill-Out Three Seater Sofa by Tacchini
    From $3,834.00
  2. Mangas Spaces Pouf by GAN
    From $1,610.00
  3. Trenzas Spaces Pouf by GAN
    From $830.00
  4. Glaoui Spaces Tumbuctu Pouf by GAN
    From $1,010.00
  5. Canevas Abstract Pouf by GAN
    From $1,180.00
  6. Sail Spaces Pouf by GAN
    From $1,560.00
  7. Glaoui Spaces Alexandra Pouf by GAN
    From $1,010.00
  8. Sail Spaces Pouf (Square) by GAN
    From $1,010.00
  9. Bandas Spaces Chair by GAN
    From $2,200.00
  10. High Ruff Pouf by GAN
    From $960.00
  11. Grapy Chair by GAN
    From $1,270.00
  12. Low Ruff Pouf by GAN
    From $1,320.00
  13. Knitted Stool by GAN
    From $710.00
  14. Mangas Spaces Module by GAN
    From $2,960.00
  15. Raw Ottoman by GAN
    From $1,420.00
  16. Kelly E Lounge Chair by Tacchini
    From $1,796.00
  17. Bandas Spaces Chaise Lounge by GAN
    From $2,750.00
  18. Mangas Pouf by GAN
    From $1,700.00
  19. Quick Ship Togo Fireside Chair in Cordoue 2 Moutard by Ligne Roset
  20. Quick Ship Pastilles Ottoman by Tacchini
  21. Quick Ship Pastilles Lounge Chair by Tacchini
  22. Quick Ship Pisa Lounge Chair by Tacchini
  23. Quick Ship Dot Lounge Chair by Tacchini
  24. Quick Ship Eddy Lounge Chair by Tacchini
  25. Quick Ship Kelly E Lounge Chair by Tacchini
  26. Quick Ship Kelly C Dining Chair by Tacchini
  27. Quick Ship Polar Perch Sofa by Tacchini
  28. Quick Ship Polar Sofa by Tacchini
  29. Quick Ship Chill-Out Sofa and Armchair System by Tacchini
  30. Quick Ship Ettoriano Dining Chair (set of 2) by Ligne Roset
  31. Quick Ship Jolie Barstool by Ligne Roset
  32. Quick Ship Togo Fireside Chair by Ligne Roset
  33. Quick Ship Ploum Sofa by Ligne Roset
  34. Quilt Sofa by Tacchini
  35. Caratos Dining Chair by Maxalto
  36. Santiago Lounge Chair by Tacchini
  37. Musa Dining Chair by Maxalto
  38. Gee Forget It! Ottoman by Why Not Bespoke
  39. Febo Chaise Lounge by Maxalto
  40. Clio Lounge Chair by Maxalto
  41. Highlife Sofa by Tacchini
  42. Quick Ship PAM Barstool by Ligne Roset
  43. Vik Dining Chair by Ligne Roset
  44. Polar Sofa by Tacchini
  45. Flowers & Frolics Bench by Why Not Bespoke
  46. Jacket Lounge Chair by Tacchini
  47. Quick Ship Togo Sofa by Ligne Roset
  48. Lucrezia Sofa by Maxalto
Set Descending Direction