They were our first line, and they've set the bar for quality since. We knew we wanted De la Espada for Urbanspace Interiors when we spotted their chairs, tables, beds and storage pieces in a magazine, but when we finally ran our hands along their sturdy yet silky solid-wood modern furniture, we knew we'd be in for a lifelong love affair. Founded in 1993 and with a dedicated factory based in Portugal, they saw huge success starting in 2007 when they began collaborating with up-and-coming designers, like Autoban and Matthew Hilton. No matter how innovative their design collaborations end up, though, their warm, heirloom pieces never lose their core values of quality construction and material. We're on a first name basis with the folks behind this small company and appreciate that they show passion and care every step of the manufacturing process, to even how they ship their furniture. Sold exclusively in Austin at Urbanspace Interiors.