The Valencia-based rug and textiles company Gandia Blasco, which began as a family business in 1941, has evolved into a global brand while keeping its roots firmly planted at home. Its hand-woven, innovative textile designs - distinguished by contemporary, eye-catching texture, color, and pattern - are produced on traditional looms in their original factory in Valencia.

Patricia Urquiola’s first collection with GAN, Mangas, caught our attention due to the amazing texture, colors and shapes she used to create a rug collection that expands the definition of what a rug is supposed to be. These curved shapes can flow from wall to floor, and include poufs that allow the shape to expand into another dimension. There are now seven collections like this that don’t just accent a space, but create a space in it’s beautiful entirety with collections that include rugs, poufs and pillows. It was the amazing approach to textiles that made us feel like GAN Rugs would be a perfect fit in our collection.