Yerra Rugs

We work directly with the owner of Yerra rugs, a small company out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, supplying high-end cowhide rugs that are a fresh take on an old trend. Collaborating with a small group of clever designers, these simple cowhide rugs evoke a Texas natural warmth and charm, but in a bold, colorful and prismatic way. When you glance at one of these rugs, you're not entirely sure you're looking at cowhide. Whether it's a neutral color with a pattern that comes from the shine of the fibers laid in different directions or a rug with a wild pattern and colors, they also wear well. Red wine spill? Kids? No problem. Available in a huge array of colors, every piece can be completely customized. And don't even think you've got to stick to just the floor: their products have been used for wall-coverings, furniture and even handbags. They're well-priced, to boot.